Black Butte Summit

Last summer my husband and I reached a point in our fitness journey where we knew we could accomplish something bigger, so we decided to hike Black Butte! 

Lesser known than the majestic Mt. Shasta that towers over the valley, Black Butte is a local monument where hikers, runners, and thrill seekers, go for an incredible 360 degree view for miles and miles.

I had never, successfully, hiked Black Butte before and wanted to conquer it for my own pride.  Little did I know, the giant mound of dirt we were climbing, would be such a happy memory to me.  Many locals have hiked Black Butte, it is a relatively easy hike that one could do in a few hours, but, many locals have forgotten about the breathtaking views that it provides! I encourage you to add Black Butte to your discovery list next time you are itching for a hike.

Want to see for yourself?
My friend Bubba Suess, over at Hike Mt. Shasta, has directions and great tips for those ready to summit Black Butte.

There you have it! A FREE, beautiful, unique activity, for locals and non-locals alike. So, get out there and rediscover Black Butte in Mt. Shasta California!


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