My goal

How long has that store been open?

They carry art supplies now!?

When did all this change?

Let’s face it. We go downtown, grab our groceries, go to the bank, pick up our mail, and go home.  If we need a gift, Amazon is our go-to for everything under the sun.  If we need socialization, we hit up the only coffee shop that we know of, chat for a little bit, and then go back home.  We are missing so much!

It’s time to rediscover our town.  Put on your tourist hat and join me as I take on the adventure of being intentional with my hometown and rediscovering the gems that it has to offer.

My goal is to give locals, and non local alike, a chance to see Mount Shasta from a fresh perspective.  To visit the shops, try the restaurants, and explore the scenery like never before.  As a local, I tend to get pretty relaxed about my hometown and rarely do I eat out or take a stroll around town.  This is a personal project that I decided to make public, I wanted to rediscover my hometown, share my experiences and adventures, and encourage YOU to check out these places again.  I will be uncovering the hidden gems of Mt. Shasta as I shop, eat, hike, participate in events, and tour my way around this wonderful area!

Time to stop saying “there’s nothing to do around here…”


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