Living Memorial Sculpture Garden

19 years I have lived in Mt. Shasta, and never once did I visit this incredible place.  I feel guilty! I’m not kidding, if you live around Mt. Shasta, or if you are planning a trip here, you NEED to add this to your to-see list.  A few months back, my husband surprised me by turning the car around on one of our trips so we could go back and check out the gardens.  I had no idea what to expect, I knew it was a Memorial for military veterans but what I saw was so much more.

The Sculptures are incredible, touching, and a must see.  I cannot stress enough how much I loved walking through the gardens, being moved by the sculptures, and reading the stories behind each one.

“True art can evoke emotions out of you”


Want to see it for yourself? Of course you do. Check out their website for directions, pictures, and information on Dennis Smith who is the artist behind the sculptures.  Let me know what you think of the Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens when you visit!


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