Week Event Recap

In any given week, Mt. Shasta and the surrounding towns have multiple events to attend, and this last week, I hit as many as I could!

Starting on Sunday, I attended the Mt. Shasta Summer Concert Series with my family and a group of friends, it was a GREAT evening, more than 500 people came out to enjoy the music and activities.  We played volleyball, had food served from Poncho and Leftkowitz, and watched the sunset as Sundown Poachers played their best songs for us.  This event happens every Sunday at 6:30 in Shastice Park!

The following day, Monday, was the weekly Mt. Shasta Farmers Market on main street! I didn’t get any pictures there, but I did get some delicious zucchini from a local farmer!


Though, this isn’t an event I thought I would throw in some updated pictures of Heart Lake from when I hiked it again on Tuesday! I was in need of a good summertime hike/swim and decided to join my grandparents on their adventure up Castle Crags.  First thing I did when I saw my favorite lake was DIVE right in!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next event was Thursday, Friday, AND Saturday.  The Mt. Shasta Dastun Roadsters had their annual Car Show right on Main Street!  My father and I have been attending their show and enjoying the cars for years now.  I asked if I could “crash” their show with my MG Midget… the good natured feud between Datsuns and MG’s caused everyone to laugh and joke as I drove in my very out-of-place car.  It was great fun!

You can check out Rediscover Mt. Shasta on Facebook for more weekly events and updates!


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