Deadfall Lakes

Growing up in Mt. Shasta, I’ve heard a lot about Deadfall Lakes and have always wanted to see them, would you look at that… my wish came true!

Joining in with the Tuesday Hiking Group and their adventures around Siskiyou County, we took a drive to the trailhead of Deadfall Meadows and hiked all the way up to the falls.  It was a good hike, rocky and beautiful.  Once we reached the falls the first thing I did was jump in (shocking, I know) to enjoy the crisp and refreshing lake.

Being completely surrounded by Mount Eddie and seeing caps of snow on the upper peaks was a sight to behold as I swam circles around the rocks.  Tents were set up and scattered around the perimeter of the lake, adding dots of color to the green landscape.  The hike to Upper Deadfall lake was lined with wildflowers and rivers, exactly the picture that comes to mind when I think of the word “wilderness”

I’m starting to think that Deadfall Lakes is one of Mt. Shasta’s best kept secrets.  If you are up for a beautiful hike and don’t mind getting a little adventurous (crossing rivers and muddy areas is required) then I highly recommend Deadfall Lakes.  Don’t forget your camera!


For directions and information regarding this trail, check out Hike Mt. Shasta to learn more!


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