Montague Balloon Fair

Starting to venture a little bit out of Mt. Shasta City and deeper into Siskiyou County for this adventure, The Montague Hot Air Balloon Fair! 

As a treat on my birthday, my husband and I got up really early and drove to the Montague fairgrounds to watch as the giant balloons lit up with fumes and slowly ascended into the sky alongside the sun.  Did I mention it was early? If you want to see the best part, I recommend getting there around 6am. Early. *yawn*


Coffee and donuts were available, music was playing through the loudspeakers, and I was tightly wrapped in my blanket when I was randomly selected to ride in a hot air balloon! I had been trying for months to find a way to get a ride in a hot air balloon on my birthday, which happened to fall on the fair weekend.  As part of the deal, I helped the crew unload the balloon and basket, unfold the canvas, and begin the process of putting everything together. I learned so much! It was quite the experience.

As the Mothra (the name of the balloon I was in) slowly rose up like a sleepy giant, I climbed in with the biggest grin on my face and started waving to my friends as I flew up, up, up! If you get the chance to ride in a Hot Air Balloon, don’t miss it.  The views were incredible accompanied with the feeling of weightless floating hundreds of feet in the air.

Afterwards, the crew invited us to a BBQ with them afterwards and gave us a VIP pass with the Mothra! Happy Birthday to me! We attended the Balloon fair in 2015 and I look forward to seeing it again this year. The fair is on September 23rd-25th at the Montague Fair Grounds.


Want to know more?

You can visit their website here to find all the info on the Montague Balloon Fair! Also, LIKE their Facebook Page here to get updates on the activities!


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