About Me

Hey there!
My name is Carlee.
I am a local loving, tea obsessed, small business supporting, travel enthusiast, with some big crazy dreams.

I am a 4th generation Mt. Shasta local and if you happen to live around here, you may have seen me cruising around town in my little blue MG Midget (it’s how most people know of me)
I was born and raised here, in Mt. Shasta California, and let me just say I absolutely love it! I have hit a small plateau in my world travel plans, so I have decided to rediscover my own town and appreciate the amazing sights where I live.  There’s so much to see and do, it’s beautiful to take a step back and see things through a tourists eyes (with the local knowledge).

With this blog I hope to achieve a rather large goal, I want to inspire as many people as possible to rediscover their town.  No matter where you are from, I promise you there is something you can do and see that will reconnect you to your community and shine a new light on your city.

Thank you for joining me as I venture around Siskiyou County and see all that it has to offer.  If you like this idea, and begin rediscovering your own town, I would LOVE to hear about it, please shoot me an email telling me about what you have uncovered!

-Carlee Anne
Local Shastafarian


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